The Responsible Traveler

We, Adventure Small World has been working in the tourism field for many years. Over time, we have seen drastic changes, especially in the fragile Himalayan environment along with the adoption of eco-friendly tourism by fellow trekkers. Our numerous years of expertise in the Himalayas have taught us different effective approaches that we are employing to reduce our footprints.

Responsible tourism is all about the active awareness about the destination you are traveling to, which involves knowledge of the environment, vegetation, locals, and cultural heritage of that place. With that being said, we are well aware of all those aspects of every region where we run treks and tours. We work closely with the locals from supporting their business to helping them discover efficient ways for increasing their economy. Moreover, we also make sure each of our trips around Nepal and out of it is providing employment opportunities to the locals. As most of our trips are operated in remote areas, the locals of those places are very much dependent on us.

Some of our measures are not leaving our waste behind during the trip as well as encourage fellow trekkers to do the same. Likewise, we urge our guests to not use any single-use items during the journey, especially plastic water bottles. We make sure all of our equipment is ethical, and try our best to get them from local suppliers. While traveling in a distinct place, it is very important to learn the basic etiquettes of that place so that you do not offend any locals. Therefore, we also teach our guests essential customs and manners before the beginning of the journey.

And, our pride and glory is HIMALAYAN CHILD FOUNDATION. This foundation is run by us. Through this foundation, we have been funding education expenses for children from underprivileged mountain families. From the very first day, we knew we wanted to give back to our community, and HIMALAYAN

CHILD FOUNDATION made us do that. It makes our journeys more ethical, respectful, kind, and above all, offers a feeling of contributing to greater goods while traveling.