About Us

Adventure Small World Trek is one of Nepal’s leading government registered tour operators based in Kathmandu. We have been organizing various treks, expeditions, cultural tours in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan for individuals and groups.

We are a team of well- experienced, professional, and friendly Sherpas who have trekked in almost every region of Nepal.

We are committed to offering the best travel experience, safety, and quality service. All our itineraries are thoroughly developed based on the knowledge and experience of the guides.

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in the Himalayan region. As growing up in the Himalayan region, we are well recognized with the Himalayan nature and its phenomena. Along with that our collective knowledge of the local culture, lifestyle, and languages helps a lot to run smooth and safe trips.

Customized Offers

Our itineraries are designed to offer meaningful interaction with the surrounding, and difficulty levels - ranging from Easy to Strenuous adaptable to most ages and physical abilities. All our treks, tours, and expedition packages are organized considering the client's interest and budget range without compromising the quality of service.

Responsible Travel

We are governed by a commitment to a sensitive and responsible travel policy. We strongly believe that all our trips should benefit the local communities: keep intact the environment and respect local traditions. Religion and heritage. We tread lightly- low volume, low impact trekking/touring is the best way of preserving the beautiful and fragile places we visit.

Best Value Trips

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality, safest, and best value trips. We want our clients to experience the pleasure of finding and pursuing a passion for travel and a deep sense of satisfaction after the trips.